Global Hydrogen Economy 


Climate Changes, Deforestation, Land-Degradation, Air-Soil-Water Pollution, Hunger, Poverty, Homelessness, Hopelessness, Unemployment, Water-Power-Infrastructure Scarcity, Poor Hygiene, Diseases / Epidemics, Road Accidents, Conflicts, Wars & Terror -  :

1. Conversion of all Fossil-Fired etc. Power Plants not only to BURN, but also to PRODUCE Pure Hydrogen and Clean SOH/MOH Gas Fuels, generating tremendous Revenues -  ,  .

2. Autonomous Off-Grid Hydrogen Generators for Penny-Cost Clean Power, Heat & Car-Fuel's Generation for Households, Small and Larger Businesses - .

3. MOH-Gas-Electric Clean Engines and Generators for Cars etc. Vehicles & Aerospace Craft - Drones, Flycars, FlyRoads, Airplanes, Airships, Stratospheric Airship Platforms, Spaceships, Space / Planetary Stations, Colonies, Settlements - , , .

4. Aerial Seeding of 100,000 Fast-Growing Paulownia-Trees per Day, solving  Deforestation, Erosion, Abrasion, Land-Degradation, Soil-Poisoning, Pollution, Acidification, Deoxygenation, Desertification .

5. Hydrogen Tugs for clean and cheap Towing of all kinds of ICE Vehicles - .

6. Super-Strong, Lightweight, Cheap, Stainless, Fireproof, Clean/Renewable , Basalt-Fiber Composites (BFC) for low-cost Assembly Buildings, Roads, Pipelines, Floating and Space Structures - .

7. Vertical Multifloor BFC Farms for 20+ Crops/Year, 400 times larger Yields of  Greenleaf, Fruit, Veggie, Corn, Seeds, Fodder, Biomass for Carbon-Neutral Biogas Fuel, also Aquaculture / Fisheries, Algae and Zero-Methane-Emission Livestock - .

8. BFC Intelligent Clean Cities of the Future - .

9. Floating BFC Clean-Fuel Refineries, Colonies, Plantations, Highways - .

10. SOH Plants for pumping Water out of Deep Wells, or Condensing Water Vapor out of the Air, turning Deserts into Green Gardens -  .

11. SOH-Assisted capturing CO2 from the Air ( ), reduced down to CO and combined with H2 in the Fischer-Tropsch Process, for zero-CO2-footprint production of low-cost Hydrocarbons - Methanol, Ethanol, Methane, Polymers, Fibers, Medicines, Foods, Fertilizers.

12. Mass-production and Sales of Clean Fuels, Materials and Systems to generate Gigantic Incomes for Grant Funding the Poor / SMEs and Boosting the Global Clean Economy -  .

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